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Weighing electronics

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Weighing indicators and controllers

We offer all the elements required to construct a high-performance measurement chain. We can therefore provide you with solutions for measurement conditioning, display and transmission.


Our electronics offer functionalities covering most continuous or discontinuous weighing applications :level monitoring, weighbridge management, dosing and fillinggrading and weighing on the fly, continuous totalising or loss-in-weight dosing.

For integration with automated systems, our weighing controllers offer connectivity with the main industrial networks.

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Partnership with Schneider Electric

Since 2008, SCAIME has been a member of the Collaborative Automation Partner Programme set up by Schneider Electric.
Within the framework of this partnership, SCAIME was selected to provide its range of products and its experience in weighing, dosing and filling applications.
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Applications Brochures
Vessel Weighing, Level Control
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Grading, Check-weighing
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Solutions for weighbridges
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Filling, Batching control
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Plant engineering, machine control
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Loss-in-weight feeders
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Belt scales, Weigh belt feeders
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Technical leaflet
Load cells, Mounting kits, Electronics
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Schneider Electric Collaborative Automation Partner Program
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Technical notes
Digital filtering with eNod3 in dynamic weighing applications
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