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Fibre-optic displacement sensors

Displacements up to 100 mm

Displacement measurement by fibre Bragg grating sensors

The range of displacement sensors available from SCAIME offers high sensitivity.


Their robust design ensures a long lifespan, including in hostile environments.
Additionally, integration into the case of a second fibre Bragg grating enables optimal integrated temperature compensation.

Our products

capteur de deplacement optique a reseaux de bragg pour fissure


Optical displacement sensor
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Immune to electromagnetic interference

Can be installed in highly disruptive environments: hydroelectric plants, electrical transformers, electric locomotives.

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Resistant to corrosive environments

 Ideal for long-term monitoring of marine or offshore structures


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Several sensors along one optical line

Ability to measure over very long distances, easy and inexpensive fibre implementation.

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Intrinsically non-explosive, ATEX/IECEx-certified

Implementation of monitoring systems in hazardous zones: gas tankers, oil rigs, aircraft fuel tanks.


Technical notes
Reliability of Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors
NT-Reliability of FBG sensors-E-0316.pdf
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Implementation of fiber optic sensors
NT-Implementation of fiber optic sensors-E-0316.pdf
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