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Continuous mixing and dosing

Dosing with a constant and precise flow...

Solutions for loss-in-weight dosers

SCAIME offers controllers for differential gravimetric dosers. Easy to integrate into automated systems, these solutions offer complete functionality for flow totalisation and regulation.

Control your loss-in-weight doser with the eNod4-F

SCAIME has developed the eNod4-F, a powerful and scalable weighing controller, equipped with an application for gravimetric loss-in-weight dosers. The eNod4-F continuously regulates flow by weight loss to maintain the target flow value.

appli mélange et dosage archi
Flow management using a PID controller with automatic parameter setting by self-learning
gestion dosage gravimétrique
Automatic management of the alternation of gravimetric phases and reloading phases


eNodView enables the configuration and calibration of all products in the DVX/DVS or eNod range. It is also a powerful program for signal acquisition and analysis, offering:

  • temporal and frequential graphic visualisation of the signal,
  • simulation and configuration of digital filters,
  • graphic visualisation of flow and PID control output.
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Loss-in-weight feeders
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