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Weighing and level control

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Weighing silos and tanks

Whatever the circumstances, SCAIME has designed its solutions to meet the demands of reliability and safety required for the installation of a tank or silo weighing system.

We offer all the elements required to construct a measurement chain suited to your needs:

  • sensors offered with various levels of protection and precision ratings,
  • mounting kits reducing environmental influence on the performance of the measurement chain,
  • ATEX solutions for installation of our products in an explosive area,
  • indicators and transmitters interfacing with the main automated systems.

Hopper weighing

Pesage de trémie SCAIME

Silo weighing

Pesage de silo SCAIME
weighing mounting kit EN1090 certified

Load cell mounting kits EN1090, safety in silo weighing

The SILOSAFE-R mounting kit is EC-marked guaranteeing compliance of its design and manufacturing to EN 1090-2, EXC2. In Europe, this marking insures that SILOSAFE-R can be used as an element of supporting structure of a building.

The SILOSAFE design is also TÜV-approved to ensure the silo weighing in complete safety

Available from 1 t to 100 t, made from steel or stainless steel, it can be fitted with ball joints for structure restrain in dynamic applications.


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