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High-performance sensors for the aerospace industry

For over 30 years, SCAIME has been designing solutions for measuring force, torque and strain, intended for onboard aerospace applications.

As experts in force measurement for onboard applications, our sensors are designed and manufactured in France and are currently used in many major aeronautical programmes.


Our technological expertise

Our know-how and modern development resources (CAD, finite element calculations, laser welding, etc.) enable us to design and produce, according to your specifications:

  • strain gauge sensors
  • conditioning electronics
  • sensors with integrated electronics


We have the experience and capacity in-house to provide the development of specific sensors, manufacturing engineering, and a high quality service from start to finish, whatever you need to precisely measure: Mass, strain, deformation, force, torque

Capteur force aéronautique
EN9100-bord blanc

Our philosophy: Uncompromising quality

Our quality assurance system is certified according to standards EN9100:2018 and ISO9001:2015.

These certifications confirm our application of the highest quality standards in the aerospace sector, particularly in relation to first article inspection, configuration management and product traceability.

This commitment enables us to supply many aircraft manufacturers and component makers: EADS, Airbus Helicopters,  LORD FLY-BY-WIRE, LISI Aerospace, Ratier Figeac, etc.

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Examples of aerospace applications

SCAIME capteur de force pour aéronautique
  • Force sensors integrated into flight controls
  • Joystick instrumentation for flight controls
  • Force sensors for Trimmable Horizontal Stabilizer Actuators (THSAs)
SCAIME capteur de force pour hélicoptère
  • Force sensors for helicopter winch detectors
  • Joystick instrumentation for flight controls


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