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Load pin for Helicopter cargo hook

The customer

An equipment manufacturer for the aeronautics industry contacted SCAIME for the design and production of a bespoke load pin. This load sensor must be integrated into the helicopter cargo hook.

Customer requirement

To increase the safety of the hoist operations, a load release device is integrated in the cargo hook. This release device prevents the helicopter is damaged if the mass of the load exceeds the lifting capacities or if the load hangs a terrestrial object.

The cargo hook is fixed to the release device by the load pin which measures the load and transmits this value to the control unit.


Our solution

SCAIME designed a strain gauge load cell to measure loads up to 10,000 kg over an operating temperature range of -40 ° C to + 55 ° C.

The load pin is made of stainless steel with an IPx8 protection level. It incorporates electronics for digital signal processing, calibration and measurement transmission.

The sensor design allows maintenance and repair operations such as periodic calibration or cable change.

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Customer benefits

  • A sensor that can be integrated on a standard cargo hook
  • Design and production according to EN9100 standard
  • The reliability and performance of strain gauge sensor technology for embedded aeronautical applications
  • The maintainability of the sensor


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Load pin for Helicopter Cargo Hook
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