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Our values and ethical principles

Values upheld every day by the men and women at SCAIME.

Values and principles shared by all

SCAIME's success is based on a set of values and ethical principles which are essential for meeting the expectations of our customers.

Our values

Built over the course of time, our values underpin SCAIME's identity and form the basis of our corporate culture. We convey them internally through our management principles, and externally in the relationships we maintain with our partners.

Commitment, responsiveness and performance are the values which provide the foundation of our customer's trust and our employee's motivation.

These values are upheld every day by the men and women at SCAIME. They express our daily quest to offer our customers the finest service, and to do so in a responsible manner.



A commitment shared by all, enabling engagement and mobilisation around a shared objective, teamwork, and the development of professionalism.

"Commitment to our work"



This reflects our agility and our capacity to change when necessary, with dynamism and enthusiasm, but without ever neglecting our quality standards.

"Responsiveness to any challenge"



This is our permanent objective, for our own satisfaction and that of our customers. Focussed, with rigour and efficiency, on the result to be achieved.

"The performance requirement"

Our ethical principles

The actions of our employees are also guided by our ethical principles: integrity, respect and transparency.

We have built our reputation on these principles, making SCAIME a company which can be trusted.

These values and ethical principles, deeply rooted in SCAIME's culture, contribute to the high level of satisfaction among our customers, the motivation of our employees, and the loyalty of our shareholders.

Sailing: an activity which reflects our values

As a sport which is emblematic of pushing oneself to the limit, of team spirit and performance, sailing perfectly expresses the values which have driven SCAIME's success.


All sails out! with the crew of "Simplicity"

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