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Packaging machines

Weighing reliability and precision for machine performance

Weighing expertise for packaging machine manufacturers

SCAIME meets the growing needs of packaging machinery manufacturers by offering weighing solutions designed to increase machine productivity.

Our analogue or digital load cells and our weighing controllers have been developed in collaboration with global leaders in packaging machinery. They enable faster filling rates, more precise weight control, and shorter machinery stoppage times.

Designed to be integrated into production lines under constant use, our load cells are not just precise but also highly robust and extremely reliable, in order to meet production line efficiency criteria.


SCAIME weighing solutions for packaging machines

For food product packaging, our products respond to a context of increasingly stringent food safety standards. SCAIME has therefore designed sensors which are very easy to clean and are certified by the EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group), an association devoted to the promotion of hygienic design in food industry equipment .

Combined with load cells, our range of eNod weighing controllers has been designed for easy integration with automated systems. They offer high weighing performance, digital filters for the elimination of vibrations, and application functions optimised for packaging machines with a very high output rate.

These weighing controllers are able to run applications for weight control, filling, continuous belt weighing and loss-in-weight dosing, therefore covering all weighing needs related to packaging machinery.

Doseur à bande SCAIME

Belt feeder

Flow regulation

Dosage à perte de poids SCAIME

Loss-in-weight feeder

Continuous dosing, mixing

Checkweigher SCAIME


Applications leaflet
Vessel Weighing, Level Control
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Grading, Check-weighing
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Filling, Batching control
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Plant engineering, machine control
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Loss-in-weight feeders
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Belt scales, Weigh belt feeders
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Load cells, Mounting kits, Electronics
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Technical notes
Using load cells - Technology, Operating principle, Implementation
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Hygienic weighing with DVS load cell
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Ghcorp - Process weighing in a poultry feed plant
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