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GREIF - on-the-fly barrel control

The customer

GREIF is a global leader in industrial product packaging. Greif manufactures all kinds of barrels and containers in steel, plastic or fibre, and provides mixing, filtering and packaging services for a broad spectrum of industries.

Its requirement

For a barrel packaging line, Greif Italy needed a dynamic system for controlling barrel weight in comparison with a standard weight.
The weighing system had to meet the following performance standards: a weighing rate of 100 barrels per minute, with a deviation of less than 10 grammes for a weighing capacity of 25 kg.


SCAIME solution

SCAIME offered a solution with its Italian integrator partner NONIS Srl.


  • Twelve F60X 50 kg sensors with STABIFLEX mounting kit
  • One eNod4-C weighing controller
  • One eNodTouch MMI
  • One conveyor belt


In this solution, the PLC controls the conveyor belt. With the parameters provided by the PLC or the eNodTouch man-machine interface, the eNod4-C oversees digital filtering, calculation of the weight of each barrel, and automatic elimination of non-compliant products.

architecture grief web

Customer benefit

  • This architecture enables simple and very fast control of products at the end of the production line: each product is controlled and incomplete tanks are automatically eliminated by the eNod4-C.
  • The system can be used to achieve very high rates, controlling up to 120 tanks per minute, at the required precision of plus or minus 5g.

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Greif (Italy) - Dynamic checkweighing for containers
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