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Displacement sensors

A range from 0 ... 50 mm to 0 ... 50 m
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Displacement or position sensors

Easy implementation, robustness and unrivalled reliability, and the ability to be installed on existing systems


The robustness and reliability of our displacement sensors enables their use in the most difficult environments.

With a wide selection of output signals, materials and measurement ranges, we can supply the ideal sensor for your needs, whatever your sector of activity: automotive, aerospace, medical, assembly systems, handling, servomechanisms or security...

PLM, robust and precise sensor

The PTL series sensors can be used indoors and outdoors. They have the possibility of being able to work at temperatures down to -30 ° C even in humid environments thanks to a heating system (optional) allowing to maintain a positive temperature in order to avoid the formation of ice inside the sensor.

Combining robustness and precision, they are ideal for displacement / position measurement in an industrial, automotive environment and for any robotic application.


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Displacement Measurement
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