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Displacement sensors

A range from 0 ... 50 mm to 0 ... 43 m and from 0 to 200 rpm
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Displacement or position sensors

Easy implementation, robustness and unrivalled reliability, and the ability to be installed on existing systems


The robustness and reliability of our displacement sensors enables their use in the most difficult environments.

With a wide selection of output signals, materials and measurement ranges, we can supply the ideal sensor for your needs, whatever your sector of activity: automotive, aerospace, medical, assembly systems, handling, servomechanisms or security...

petit capteur de deplacement

M150, the compact, robust and precise sensor

Specially designed to be installed in restricted spaces, the M150 sensor is very compact (19 x 19 x 10 mm) and offers a measurement range of 38 mm.

Combining compact design, robustness and precision, it is ideal for displacement / position measurement in industrial, automotive or medical environments, as well as for all robotics applications.


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Displacement Measurement
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