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Filling Packaging

Filling / dosing at high speed and with great precision...

Filling by weight for packaging machines

We offer digital sensors and weighing controllers equipped with fully configurable dosing functions. These solutions offer speed, precision and functionalities specially designed for loss-in-weight filling or dosing applications.


eNod controllers and DVX/DVS digital sensors are intelligent products which take charge of weighing operations and complete control of the dosing cycle, making it possible to free up the PLC’s resources.

Specially designed to be connected to automated systems, they can be used to preform numerous applications:

  • High-speed and high-precision dosing at one, two or three speeds, with automatic feed correction,
  • Parallel dosing cycle control for the production of mixtures,
  • Optimised algorithms for high-speed rotating filling machines.


Example of a twin-speed filling cycle:

remplissage 2 vitesses


eNodView enables the configuration and calibration of all products in the DVX/DVS or eNod range. It is also a powerful program for signal acquisition and analysis, offering:

  • temporal and frequential graphic visualisation of the signal,
  • simulation and configuration of digital filters.
écran eNodView SCAIME
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Weighing for hygienic filling machines

With the DVS digital sensor, SCAIME is one of the few suppliers to offer EHEDG-certified hygienic load cells.

This certification confirms the hygienic design of the sensor, attesting to:

  • the effectiveness of the clean-in-place (CIP) process,
  • compliance of the installation with the strictest food hygiene requirements.


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