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PHS - Rotary multi-head weigh filler

The customer

PHS Packaging is a Chinese leading manufacturer of filling machines for all types of drinks, dairy products, condiments and cosmetic products.

These machines can fill bottles, cans or plastic barrels.

Its requirement

New machine for filling condiment bottles with 2 ingredients. To equip its new generation of filling machines, PHS needed a precise, robust and extremely reliable digital load cell to meet the efficiency criteria of a production line.

  • High speed weighing to reach a filling rate of 16,000 bottles per hour.
  • A filling accuracy of 2g for bottles from 150g to 1500g.

SCAIME solution

To fill the bottle of the first ingredient, a dosing machine is equipped with 30 digital DVX dosing load cells. The bottle is completed with second ingredient by a dosing machine equipped with 25 DVX.

The DVX combines high accuracy with IP69K protection allowing a CIP (Cleaning In Place) process.

This digital load cell has an onboard controller which processes the signal and manages the filling procedure. It offers several digital filters for the elimination of vibrations, and a dosing algorithm specially optimised for filling machines with a very high output rate.

  • The PLC3 takes in charge the global machine control
  • The PLC1 and PLC2 manage the 2 ingredient fillers.
  • The DVX-D digital load cells control the bottle filling cycle 



Customer benefit

  • The optimized automation architecture with filling cycle controlled by the DVX-D allows to achieve the best filling accuracy at highest filling rate.

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PHS - Multi-head rotary filler
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