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Force measurement

Efficiently control your processes and products

Force measurement solutions

Expertise in force measurement applications with a wide range of sensors

We offer you our expertise in force measurement for monitoring manufacturing processes and for product control testing. To meet the our customers’ needs, we offer a very wide range of compression and tension/compression force sensors  , as well as load pins.

We are therefore able to provide solutions for most industrial applications, including fitting force control, or control of presses, safety and regulation.


Fitting control


Insertion control


Riveting control

Force de Presse

Press force

Force de fermeture

Closure control

Force de contact

Contact force

If our range of standard products does not suit your application, we can develop a custom solution perfectly adapted to your need. Whether in relation to sensors or electronics, we will provide the definition, design and production of your specific solution, taking account of your requirements in terms of quality, cost and timeframe.