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Belt tension measurement

Customer requirement

The customer needed a solution enabling rapid maintenance of reels in order to ensure reliable monitoring of belt tension to prevent it breaking and therefore reduce production costs.


SCAIME solution

SCAIME proposed K2148 sensors combined with CPJ electronics, enabling monitoring and regulation of the tension of the force exerted by the belt on the reels.

The K2148 force sensors continuously measure the tension of the passing belt and supply this information instantly in the form of an analogue signal. They measure the stress exerted on the reel at the level of the bearings. Thanks to their two half-shells, it is possible to change the reel and its rollers without the need to dismantle the bearings. Intervention and machine immobilisation times are therefore reduced.

The 4/20 mA analogue signal enables belt tension regulation.


  • K2148 sensors
  • CPJ analogue electronics
  • eNod4-T digital electronics, for instant transmission to the regulation system
SCAIME products

Customer benefits

  • Faster adjustment and more reliable regulation
  • Reduced machine maintenance time
schéma tension bande

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