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Custom products

Your need is unique... so our solutions are too.

Custom sensors and electronics

Whether your requirements concern sensors or electronics, our engineers will take charge of the definition, development and production of your specific solution.

Benefit from our technological expertise...

Are you looking for a custom solution exactly in line with your needs? 

SCAIME is able to draw on its expertise in many different technologies to offer you an optimal solution, whether your request concerns a single unit or a larger production run.

Based on your specifications, we will design strain gauge sensors, conditioning electronics and sensors with integrated electronics.

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If you need to precisely measure: Mass, strain, deformation, force, torque or displacement.

If you want to add a detection function to your product and are seeking a solution incorporating sensors and signal processing...

SCAIME will work with you to define, develop and produce the solution best suited to your needs.

"From the sensor to the electronics, together we can build your solution for tomorrow..."

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Whatever your sector of activity...

In addition to the intrinsic performance of our products, we take account of your quality and productivity requirements to ensure the success of your product.

In line with the processes and specifications best suited to your application, our work will be supported by plans and technical documentation, and can be complemented with calibration services.

We can offer you solutions to meet your needs, whatever your sector of activity:


Medical devices





engins militaire

Military vehicles

machine textil

Textile machinery

machine agricole

Agricultural machinery

equipement sportif

Sports equipment


Lifting devices

An uncompromising quality assurance system

Our quality assurance system is certified according to standards EN9100:2016 and ISO9001:2015.

These certifications confirm our ability to apply the highest quality standards in the aerospace sector.

This commitment allows us to supply the most demanding industrial customers, including in the aerospace, medical and nuclear sectors.


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