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Digital load cells

Enter the era of digital weighing...

Digital load cells for weighbridges and packaging machines

We have combined our know-how in analogue signal processing with the latest digital technologies to offer a range of very high performance balances.


Thanks to several partnerships with world-class manufacturers of weighbridges and producers of packaging machines, SCAIME has acquired unique expertise in the integration of digital electronics in load cells.

Digital load cells at the heart of packaging machines

Our AAD, DVX and DVS digital load cells have been specially designed to equip packaging machines: Dosing machines, filling machines, portioning machines, grading machines or checkweighers. They allow to increase the weighing rates while reducing the control tolerances and thus contribute to the manufacturing of more homogeneous products.

Our load cells are equipped with a multi-protocol communication interface, for connectivity to Fieldbus (Modbus-RTU, CANopen) or industrial Ethernet networks (Profinet, EtherNet/IP...). Available with software dedicated to filling or dynamic weighing applications, they ensure autonomous process control.


Robust, accurate, and intelligent, digital load cells ensure the performance and efficiency of packaging machines. By integrating industry 4.0 technologies, they offer a sustainable weighing solution that is compatible with the digital transformation of industrial plants.


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Our products



Digital and hygienic load cell - Checkweigher, 15 kg ... 75 kg



Digital and hygienic load cell - Dosing, 15 kg ... 75 kg

capteur appui central numérique en inox


Stainless steel digital load cell - Dosing - 7.5 kg ... 75 kg

capteur appui central numérique en inox


Stainless steel digital load cell - Checkweigher - 7.5 kg ... 75 kg

capteur de pesage à compression en inox


Digital compression load cell, 20 t... 60 t

capteur appui central numérique en aluminium et ip65


Digital single point load cell - Dosing, 5 kg ... 75 kg

capteur appui central numérique en aluminium et ip65


Digital single point load cell - Checkweigher, 5 kg ... 75 kg

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Weighing for hygienic filling machines

With the DVS digital sensor, SCAIME is one of the few suppliers to offer EHEDG-certifiedhygienic load cells.

This certification confirms the hygienic design of the sensor, attesting to:

  • the effectiveness of the clean-in-place (CIP) process,
  • compliance of the installation with the strictest food hygiene requirements.
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