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capteur appui central numérique en inox

Stainless steel digital load cell - Checkweigher - 15 kg ... 75 kg


15 kg ... 75 kg
  • Digital load cell dedicated to high speed weighing process control
  • Load cell made of stainless steel, hermetically sealed IP69K
  • Max. scale Platform size up to 400 x 400 mm
  • Weighing capacities 15, 30, 75 kg
  • Resolution up to 500 000 pts
  • Part certificate of NAWI (OIML R76) and AWI (OIML R51 and R61)
  • Integrated weighing functions: High speed transmitter, Dynamic checkweighing
  • Programmable digital filters
  • 2 digital inputs and 4 digital outputs
  • 1 RS485 output and 1 CANbus output
  • MODBUS-RTU and CANOpen® protocols


Digital load cell for checkweighing in harsh environments

DVX-C is a digital load cell especially designed for manufacturers of packaging machines:

  • The DVX load cell is made of stainless steel and hermetically welded to IP69K protection level.
  • It combines a very high accuracy with the highest level of protection to allow frequent cleaning and continuous use in harsh environments.
  • The DVX-C load cell integrates a powerful signal processing electronics with a user resolution of 500,000 points and a library of digital filters dedicated to the elimination of mechanical vibrations and disturbances.
  • It integrates functions dedicated to dynamic weighing. It performs acquisitions at very high speed and automatically calculates a usable weight value for on-the-fly weighing applications or grading applications.
  • Each load cell is equipped with 2 inputs and 4 logic outputs to control the process.
  • Benefiting from RS485 and CAN communication ports supporting the MODBUS-RTU and CANOpen protocols, it can be easily connected to any automated system.
SCAIME DVX digital load cell por checkweighing in harsh environnements

DVX-C Checkweighing functionalities

  • Operating mode dedicated to dynamic weighing (sorting, checkweighing...)
  • Weight level or external triggering (1 or 2 digital input)
  • Automatic calculation of weight value, statistical functions


SCAIME DVX digital load cell for checkweighers

eNodView PC software

  • Save and restore configuration files
  • Setting, calibration and control
  • Measurements, results and I/O graphical display
  • Digital filters optimization by FFT analysis and filter effect simulation
  • Setting the dynamic checkweighing application
SCAIME eNodView software for chekweighing and DVX digital load cell

3D visualisation


Data sheets
Load cell - Digital single point - DVX-C
Langues : FR, EN
Applications leaflet
Grading, Check-weighing
Langues : EN
Plant engineering, machine control
Langues : EN
Product range leaflets
Load cells, Mounting kits, Electronics
Langues : EN
Schneider Electric Collaborative Automation Partner Program
Langues : EN
Technical notes
Digital filtering with eNod3 in dynamic weighing applications
Langues : EN
Integration of eNod controller in CANopen with SoMachine
NT-eNod CanOpen SoMachine_E_0614.pdf
Langues : EN
Integration of eNod controller in CANopen with Unity pro
NT-eNod CANOpen Unity_E_1015.pdf
Langues : EN
CANOpen network wiring for DVX & DVS
NT-DVX DVS CANOpen Wiring-FE-0520.pdf
Langues : FR, EN
User Manuals
User's instructions (AXD-C / AAD-C / DVX-C / DVS-C)
Langues : EN
CANopen communication protocol (AXD-C / AAD-C / DVX-C / DVS-C)
Langues : EN
Modbus-RTU communication protocol (AXD-C / AAD-C / DVX-C / DVS-C)
Langues : EN
SCMbus communication protocol (AXD-C / AAD-C / DVX-C / DVS-C)
Langues : EN
Products slide shows
Digital load cells for packaging machine manufacturers
Langues : EN
Configuration files
EDS file for DVX-C, DVS-C, AXD-C, AAD-C in CANopen
Langues : FR, EN, DE
Software to download
eNodView - Generation 1 of PC software for eNod AAD, DVX, DVS
eNodView V708-Y_English.zip
Langues : EN



eNodView, eNodView 2

Windows PC software for eNod, AAD, DVX, DVS

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