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Research & Development

Innovation: a passion at the heart of our activities.

Know-how driving innovation

With 7% of its turnover invested in Research and Development, SCAIME has made innovation a priority in order to remain at the cutting edge of technology.

Our design offices, staffed by highly qualified engineers, are proficient in all the technologies used in sensor design:

  • Electrical and optical strain gauges
  • Material structure and resistance


These skills, combined with expertise in electronics and IT, enable SCAIME to offer the most innovative mechatronic solutions, perfectly suited to the needs of our customers. Our engineers therefore work in close collaboration with them in order to guarantee their complete satisfaction, something regarded as essential at SCAIME.

This close collaboration, which is central to our success, is responsible for a range of innovative solutions in electronic measurement processing. This approach, which concerns all our ranges of sensors, allows us to present a coherent set of products, many of which are now market benchmarks.

Capteur force aéronautique

From the sensor to the electronics, together we can build your solution for tomorrow...

Our latest innovations


eNod4-B, eNod4-F: Continuous weighing and dosing controllers

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DVS: A digital and hygienic load cell, the first load cell to be EHEDG-certified

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PMESWT: High-performance weighing module for Schneider Electric M580 PLC

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