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Marine and offshore

Ensuring robustness in offshore conditions

Naval and offshore applications

Monitoring systems for ships’ hulls help crews to set course, providing the optimal compromise between rapidity and risk of premature damage to the boat.


Long-term monitoring under offshore conditions depends on custom solutions which have to ensure robustness, integrity in relation to sea water, and a lifespan of several decades; all this plus the ability to carry out maintenance on a very unpredictable basis. Furthermore, most of the time, the standard sensors must be adapted to meet specific needs.

Strain monitoring in marine environments.

The fibre Bragg grating optical technology developed by SCAIME provides a competitive advantage compared to traditional technologies:

  • It is highly resistant and provides reliable measurements of structures under permanent strain for over 20 years.
  • Multiplexing of sensors on the same optical fibre
  • No risk of short-circuit, which could damage electronics in the event of water penetration into the sensors or cables.
  • The very low attenuation of optical fibres makes it possible to locate the acquisition unit remotely, several kilometres away.
  • ATEX/IECEx certifications


Our solutions:

  • A range of FBG sensors adaptable to customer specifications.
  • Acquisition units in 316L IP66 stainless-steel cases.
  • A selection of cables, connectors, junction boxes and other equipment suitable for marine environments.
  • Mounting of optical lines in our workshops, ready to be installed, to reduce installation time.
  • Training and assistance with sensor set-up at our premises, at the customer’s premises, or on site.

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