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24SEA - Offshore wind turbines fundatipons monitoring

Customer need

24SEA has been involved in various projects over the last years all focusing on foundation monitoring. In the recent projects, for both the Belgian wind farm Nobelwind and the UK wind farm Galloper, 24SEA equipped monopiles with optical strain gauges over the entire length of the monopile. With this innovative set-up, the projects aim to better understand the subsoil dynamics and to validate new design methodologies for the soil structure interaction.

In the event of a storm, the offshore wind turbine undergoes not only strong gusts of wind but also sea bunches that crash on the mast. The combination of these two phenomena generates very important constraints in the mast.




  • MDX400T-X acquisition units
SCAIME products



Customer benefits

  • High reliability thanks to the robust design
  • Easy integration with advanced connectivity
  • Synchronization with NTP server

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