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For controlling equipment in the medical sector...

Custom sensors for medical equipment

SCAIME develops load cells and force measurement sensors which can be used to control many different devices used in the medical sector

For our sensors intended for the medical field, quality assurance is at the centre of our concerns. For over 30 years, we have developed strain gauge sensors specifically adapted to our customers’ demands. 

As an experienced supplier of sensors for the medical sector, we understand that sensors are essential components in terms of equipment quality and reliability. The development and manufacture of our sensors is therefore able to meet the strictest quality and control requirements. This commitment to meeting the highest quality standards has enabled us to become one of the leading manufacturers of sensors for applications such as weighing and force measurement in the medical field.


We are able to offer custom sensors and systems, developed and manufactured according to your specifications, for the following medical applications:

  • Force sensors for injection or nutrition pumps
  • Force sensors for dialysis equipment
  • Force sensors for mammography devices
  • Load cells for medical diagnostic systems
  • Load cells for incubators, hospital beds or systems for moving patients


SCAIME application médicale pesage incubateur
SCAIME application médicale mammographe


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