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Load limiting

Ensuring the safety of your handling devices

Load measurement using load pins

A wide range of load pins to simplify load measurement on lifting and handling equipment

Load measurement or overload control on lifting equipment often requires the adaptation of a device which is expensive and difficult to install. To minimise these modifications, the load pin offers an excellent solution, since it is simply a question of replacing the existing pin with an instrumented pin.

Our load pins can be custom-made according to your specifications. In addition, to ensure the safety of your handling systems, we can supply sensors with measurement redundancy.


SCAIME load pins are used in load control for:


Hoists / winches






Conveyor belts

pont roulant

Overhead cranes


Vehicle structures

chariot élévateur
Fork lifts

and any other lifting equipment...

Load pins can be used in difficult environments (marine or port facilities).

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