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Overload detection for dam gates

Customer requirement

The designer of the operating system for a hydroelectric dam wanted to implement a control that would ensure the safe opening and closing of the gates.


Scaime Solution

Customized load pins are fitted to the gates operating systems. These sensors measure the force transmitted by the motors to open or close the gates. To ensure optimum safety, the sensors are equipped with two strain gage bridges, which allow for redundancy of the measurement. They are connected to CPJ electronics allowing 4/20mA signals to be connected to the PLC and indicators for reading the force.


In the event that one of the gates is blocked, the loadpins will inform the PLC in real time, which will be able to stop the movement as quickly as possible to avoid damage to the installation.


  • Special torque axes with measurement redundancy
  • CPJ electronics for 4/20mA signals
  • Indicator PAX-D


porte barrage

Customer benefits

  • Easy installation with custom-made sensors.
  • Safety guaranteed by continuous and real time measurement.
  • Easy maintenance with local display.
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Application cases
NA-64P-Overload detection on dam gates-E-0422
NA-64P-Overload detection on dam gates-E-0422
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