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Weighing for intralogistics

Logistics flow optimization and intelligent inventory management...

Weighing solutions for intralogistics specialists

SCAIME offers load cells and weighing controllers designed to meet the needs of goods flow monitoring, automated inventory management or logistics process optimization.

Intralogistics, the art of managing the flow of materials within a company, is crucial to operational performance. In this complex ecosystem where precision, efficiency and traceability are key, weighing plays a central role. With the emergence of Industry 4.0, automation and digitalization are radically transforming the way in which weighing is used, offering considerable advantages in terms of productivity and quality control. Among the major players in this evolution, SCAIME's weighing solutions stand out for their ability to integrate into Industry 4.0 systems.

SCAIME weighing solutions for intralogistics

Combined with load cells, our range of eNod weighing controllers has been designed for easy integration into automated systems. They offer high weighing performance, digital filters for vibration elimination, and comprehensive, high-performance application functions. These easily configurable solutions cover the full range of weighing needs in the supply chain.

examples of application

Thanks to their modular design and versatile connectivity, SCAIME weighing solutions can be easily integrated into complex automated systems, enabling seamless data management and precise synchronization with other production processes.

Intralogistics Application SCAIME

1 - Storage

Stacker crane SCAIME

Overload detection for stacker cranes

2 - Picking

AMR scaime

Weighing on Autonomous Mobile Robots

3 - Control

Conveyor weighing scaime

On-the-fly weighing on conveyors

4 - Packaging

Palletizer scaime

Weighing on automated palletizers


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Weighing solutions for Intralogistics
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