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With the team of "Simplicity"

An activity which reflects our values

As a sport which is emblematic of pushing oneself to the limit, of team spirit and performance, sailing perfectly expresses the values which have driven SCAIME's success.

Sailing is a technological and ecological sport which embodies the spirit of enterprise. Just like corporate teams striving to succeed in their projects, the skipper and his crew must constantly take risks and initiatives to win their races.

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With Sunny CHAI as skipper, team Simplicity participates in many races around Hong Kong.

Sailboat: BAVARIA cruiser 40, length 12m

Category: HKPN


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"The Quality of Being Simple"


  • 2019 : PENGHU Islands Regatta - 2nd
  • 2018 : COA Championship Series - Winner
  • 2017 : VOLVO CHINA COAST Regatta - Winner
  • 2017 : ABC Classic yacht race - Winner
  • 2015 : Hong Kong Around the Island - 5th