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Optical measurement units

Units with 1 to 8 optical lines up to 2 kHz

Interrogators for fibre Bragg grating sensors

SCAIME offers a range of measurement acquisition units specially adapted for conditioning fibre-optic Bragg grating sensors


SCAIME measuring units enable data acquisition with high precision and in high resolution for applications such as controlling or monitoring structures in an industrial environment. Equipped with am Ethernet communication interface, their reliability has been proven in the most difficult environments.

Our products

centrale d'acquisition multivoies pour reseaux de bragg ip66


acquisition unit
centrale d'acquisition pour réseaux de bragg


Monitoring unit for harsh environment
centrale d'acquisition multivoies pour reseaux de bragg


Rack mount acquisition unit
centrale d'acquisition multivoies pour reseaux de bragg


High speed acquisition unit
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Immune to electromagnetic interference

Can be installed in highly disruptive environments: hydroelectric plants, electrical transformers, electric locomotives.

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Resistant to corrosive environments

 Ideal for long-term monitoring of marine or offshore structures


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Several sensors along one optical line

Ability to measure over very long distances, easy and inexpensive fibre implementation.

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Intrinsically non-explosive, ATEX/IECEx-certified

Implementation of monitoring systems in hazardous zones: gas tankers, oil rigs, aircraft fuel tanks.


Technical notes
Wind Turbine Blade Monitoring System
NT - WT Monitoring system-E-0316.pdf
Langues : EN
Reliability of Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors
NT-Reliability of FBG sensors-E-0316.pdf
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Implementation of fiber optic sensors
NT - Implementation of fiber optic sensors-E-0316.pdf
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Applications Notes
OFFSHORE MONITORING - Optical monitoring of force, strain, load … in marine conditions
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HULL MONITORING - Take advantage of optical sensor in adverse environment
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