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Overload detection on gantry cranes

Customer requirement

Check the weight of the container during its move. In the event of an overload, block its lifting.


Our solution

Load pins custom made, are fitted to the cable winding systems. These sensors measure the weight lifted by the gantry. They are connected to CPJ electronics which provide 4/20mA signals for connection to the PLC.

Thanks to their great reliability and precision, the sensors send the value of the container weight to the PLC in real time and it will be able to stop the lift immediately, in case of overload, avoiding damage to the gantry.


  • Special load pins with same dimensions of the original axles 
  • Strain gage conditioner CPJ


montage conteneur,

Customer benefits

  • Easy installation as the sensors are custom made to fit existing installation 
  • Information sent to the PLC in real time for an optimal reaction
  • Avoid overloading that could damage the gantry

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Application cases
Overload detection on gantry cranes
NA-62P- Overload detection on gantry cranes-E-1221
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