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Tidal turbine monitoring

Customer need

Hydroquest has developed a demonstrator of vertical axis tidal turbine with a power of 1MW which was immersed on the EDF site of Paimpol-Bréhat.
As part of its qualification, Vibratec was commissioned to perform the monitoring of the turbine. Given the extreme conditions at a depth of about 40 m and strong sea currents, the optical fiber technology based on Bragg grating sensors has been favored for its robustness.

1MW Tidal turbine by CMN HYDROQUEST

SCAIME solution

SCAIME has proposed the Bragg grating sensor, MDX-400T-X, in its rugged IP66 stainless steel housing. All FBG sensors are measured in parallel at 100Hz with high accuracy. The strain gauges are glued with structural epoxy adhesive and protected by marine mastic.


  • 2 MDX400T-X acquisition units
  • 8 accelerometers OBAC-002
  • 7 pressure sensors OBPS-006
  • 16 strain gauges OBSG-120
  • 7 OBTS-100 temperature sensors2 centrales d’acquisition MDX400T-X
SCAIME Products


Customer benefits

  • High reliability thanks to the robust design
  • Easy integration with advanced connectivity
  • Synchronization with NTP server


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HYDROQUEST AND VIBRATEC - Tidal turbine monitoring
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