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Breakout force control

Customer requirement

To consolidate soil or cliffs, piles are driven to hold a grid in place before covering it with concrete. The nature of the soil is not necessarily homogeneous and one or more piles could be driven into a soil that is not strong enough. It is therefore necessary to check that all the piles will be able to withstand the pull-out force that they will be subjected to when the materials are pushed.

Breakout force control

Our solution

Once the piles have been driven into the ground, a unit pull-out test is carried out. A hydraulic cylinder will exert a pull-out force. This force is measured with a load cell to ensure that the pile remains in place for a given force. The pile passes through a cylinder and the load cell and is then bolted to the top of the load cell. When the cylinder rod extends, it causes a compressive force on the load cell. The reading is taken by a stand-alone display connected to the load cell.


  • Force sensor K181
  • Stand-alone handheld indicator IPM-S


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Customer benefits

  • Tand-alone system (battery powered)
  • Easy to use
  • One sensor to check all piles as the control system can be dismantled

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Application cases
Breakout force control
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