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CERAM - Facilities for mixing/dosing

The customer

CERAM is a French specialist in automated applications for dosing, mixing, extraction and transfer of materials. CERAM has built its reputation on its expertise in dosing powders and granules for the agri-food, chemicals and pharmaceuticals industry.

Its requirement

For its customer, a confectioner, CERAM had to design a system to feed an extruder.
The system is based around two powder storage tanks, each equipped with load cells for dosing. The third tank is intended for mixing the two products after dosing. The mix feeds the extruder by means of a continuous process.


Our solution

SCAIME offered a solution in partnership with Schneider Electric. This collaboration provides perfect interconnectivity between Schneider Electric’s PLCs and SCAIME’s weighing electronics.


  • Six F60X load cells with mounting kits for tanks
  • Two eNod3-D dosing controllers
  • One  Schneider Electric M340 PLC
  • One Schneider Electric XBTGT 5230 MMI
  • Three Altivar 31 variators


In this solution, the M340 PLC provides overall control of the system while the weighing operations are managed by the eNod3-D dosing controller.
Each eNod3-D works in parallel and fully manages the dosing cycle based on parameters received from the M340.
In parallel, the M340 controls the mixer and the supply to the extruder.


Customer benefit

  • The architecture is optimised to ensure that each device performs the tasks at which it is most effective.
  • The CANopen network provides perfect connectivity between the different elements of the system.

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