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GHCORP - Process weighing in a poultry feed plant

The customer

Ghcorp is a Peruvian industrial complex made up of several poultry feed factories, poultry farms, hatcheries and slaughterhouses. Ghcorp produces more than 350,000 chickens per week.

The solution was designed in partnership with Schneider Electric and TUPUNATRON, automation company and distributor of SCAIME for Latin America.

Customer requirement

The customer wanted to modernize its production of poultry feed with the construction of a new fully automated factory.

GHCORP needed a system to control and monitor the entire production process:

  • Control of material reception, dosing, grinding, mixing, granulation and packaging.
  • Configuration of formulas to be produced.
  • Reports of the different types of food produced.

Our solution

TUPUNATRON designed a control system using weighing technologies from SCAIME and EcoStruxureTM automation architecture from Schneider Electric.


  • Weighing load cells with mounting hardware
  • 11 weighing controllers PMESWT for M580
  • 1 PLC Schneider Electric M580
  • 4 HMI Schneider Electric Magelis GTO
  • 1 SCADA software Elipse E3


The entire production process, from receipt of materials to the finished product, is controlled by supervision software (SCADA), an M580 PLC and PMESWT weighing controllers.

The PMESWT weighing modules communicate through the PLC backplane to ensure high speed and accurate weight measurement.


Customer benefits

  • Production capacity increased from 5 t / h to 40 t / h.
  • Production and maintenance costs have decreased with monitoring and logging of alarms.
  • The traceability and quality of the finished product has improved with the automation of dosing processes.
  • The operators stay in the control room where they could manage all operations remotely, with greater efficiency and responsiveness.


Ghcorp-control room

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Ghcorp - Process weighing in a poultry feed plant
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