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SERIN - Semi-automated filling machine

The customer

SERIN is a French specialist in packaging for the agri-food industry. It designs machines for filling powders used in the packaging of flour, chocolate, meat, coffee and spices.

Its requirement

For a new spice-jar filling system, SERIN needed load cells and dosing controllers able to oversee the entire filling process and provide the following performance levels:

  • Filling operations up to 1 kg with a maximum deviation of 1 g
  • Maximum dosing time of 1 s.
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Our solution

SCAIME supplied a solution composed of a load cell, an eNod4-D dosing controller, and an eNodTouch man-machine interface. This system oversees the entire twin-speed filling process, tolerance control and automatic end-of-cycle feed correction.


  • One AG 10 kg single point load cell
  • One eNod4-D dosing controller
  • One eNodTouch MMI
SCAIME solution


 In this solution, all parameters used by the eNod4-D for filling can be modified with the eNodTouch MMI. Control of the process is managed by the eNod4-D using integrated logical I/Os.


Customer benefit

  • For this semi-automated machine, the eNod4-D and the eNodTouch are able to manage the entire process without a PLC, therefore providing a highly economical solution.

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SERIN (France) - Filling machine with eNod4-D and eNodTouch
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