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RISO VIGNOLA - Continuous rice mixing before bagging

The customer

Vignola is behind the fine Italian rice known and appreciated in international markets.
With sophisticated technology and great flexibility in its production methods, Vignola is a model for rice mill management.

Customer requirement

RISO VIGNOLA needed a system to control the following processes:

  • Producing a continuous mix of three types of rice, with flow regulation
  • Transferring the product to a bagging machine and filling bags by means of weight control.
  • Totalising the quantities of products used
RISO Vignola1

Our solution

SCAIME supplied a solution with the system integrator NONIS Srl, a partner of SCAIME in Italy.


  • Twelve F60X 20 kg sensors with STABIFLEX mounting kit
  • Three eNod4-B continuous dosing controllers
  • One PLC
  • Three conveyor belts


In this architecture, the PLC takes charge of overall control of the system. The eNod4-Bs control the conveyor belt dosers, overseeing flow regulation and continuous totalisation of the product.

The conveyor belts are equipped with F60X load cells capable of achieving the desired precision. Installation of the sensors is performed very simply using the STABIFLEX mounting kits.


Customer benefit

  • Continuously and precisely mixing several products, and maintaining a constant flow of each product.
  • Permanent control of the quantity of each product mixed.

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Application cases
Riso Vignola (Italy) - Continuous mixing and bagging in rice mill
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