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transmetteur de pesage en inox etanche ip65 et certifie OIML

Continuous weighing, Belt scales, Belt weigh feeders

eNod4-B BOX

±500 000 d, 400 meas/s
  • Presentation in stainless steel IP65 housing
  • Up to 8 strain gauge load cells
  • Load cells failure detection device
  • Programmable digital filters
  • Input for belt speed sensor (IO+ option)
  • Continuous flow rate and weight total calculation
  • Flow control with built-in self-adjustable PID
  • 4 digital inputs and 4 digital outputs for the dosing process control and totalisation by pulses
  • Analog output 0-10V or 4-20mA (IO+ option)
  • 1 USB port for setting by PC
  • Version with RS485/CAN PLC output and MODBUS-RTU, CANOpen or PROFIBUS-DP protocols
  • Version with double-Ethernet output and MODBUS-TCP, EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT or PROFINET protocols
  • Integrated web server for monitoring and remote setting
  • Optional integrated eNodTouch-MS/ML touch screen panel
  • Optional Bluetooth communication

Slide Show eNod4


Continuous belt weighing

Signal processing

eNod4 Integration & Connectivity

The eNod4 weighing controllers are designed to be integrated into automated systems ensuring connectivity with the main industrial networks on the market: CANOpen, Modbus-RTU, Modbus-TCP, Profibus, Profinet, EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT.

Interfaces of the SCAIME eNod4 weighing transmitter

eNod4-B Continuous totalizing, Belt feeder

  • Weight integration by unit of length
  • Flow rate and continuous total weight calculation
  • Accumulated pulse output function
  • Management of loading cycle with targeted total
  • Management of target flow
  • Flow regulation by PID controller with action on belt speed or material feed.
  • Automatic adjustment of PID parameters by self-learning
SCAIME eNod4-B for belt scales, Continuous totalizing, Belt feeder
eNodView PC software for eNod4 SCAIME weighing transmitter

eNodView PC software

  • Save and restore eNod4 configuration files
  • Setting, calibration and eNod4 control
  • Measurements, results and I/O graphical display
  • Digital filters optimization by FFT analysis and eNod4 filter effect simulation
  • Adjustment of PID parameters and setting the belt weigh feeding application

eNodApp Android mobile App

  • App for Android smatphone or tablet
  • Bluetooth connection with eNod4 (optional board)
  • Read / write configuration parameters
  • Measurements, results and I/O display
  • Weighing chain calibration
  • Control of eNod4 weighing application
eNodApp android application for eNod4 SCAIME
Web server SCAIME eNod4 Ethernet

eNod4 Ethernet Web server

  • Integrated Web server on all eNod4 Ethernet versions
  • Read / write configuration parameters
  • Measurements, results and I/O display
  • eNod4 remote control
  • Weighing chain calibration

3D visualisation

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Data sheets
eNod4-B BOX - Continuous totalizing, Belt feeder
Langues : FR, EN
Library of eNod4 Screens for HMI Pro-Face GP-Pro EX
FT-PLCLib-ProFace GPProEX-FE-0320P.pdf
Langues : FR, EN
Applications leaflet
Plant engineering, machine control
Langues : EN
Belt scales, Weigh belt feeders
Langues : EN
Product range leaflets
Load cells, Mounting kits, Electronics
Langues : EN
Schneider Electric Collaborative Automation Partner Program
Langues : EN
Technical notes
Wiring a RS-485 network
Langues : EN
Integration of eNod controller in CANopen with SoMachine
NT-eNod CanOpen SoMachine_E_0614.pdf
Langues : EN
Integration of eNod controller in CANopen with Unity pro
NT-eNod CANOpen Unity_E_1015.pdf
Langues : EN
Integration of eNod4 Ethernet IP on M340 with a NOC under Unity Pro
NT-eNod4 Ethernet IP Unity_E_0614.pdf
Langues : EN
Communication between eNod4 Modbus TCP and a M340 PLC equipped with a NOE
NT-eNod4 ModbusTCP Unity_E_0614.pdf
Langues : EN
Procedure for eNod4 firmware update
Langues : EN
User Manuals
Characteristics and functioning - eNod4-B
Langues : EN
Programming and communication Manual - eNod4-B
Langues : EN
Characteristics and functioning - eNod4-B ETHERNET
Langues : EN
Programming and communication Manual - eNod4-B ETHERNET
Langues : EN
Start guide - eNod4 SBOX ETHERNET
Langues : FR, EN
Start guide - eNod4 SBOX RS485 / CAN
Langues : FR, EN
Products slide shows
eNod4 weighing controllers for automated processes
PP-eNod4 Range-E-0418.pdf
Langues : EN
Configuration files
eNod4-B EDS file for CANOpen protocol
EDS CANopen_eNod4-B_236730-A-K.zip
Langues : FR, EN, DE
GSD file for eNod4-B with PROFIBUS-DP protocol
GSD Profibus_eNod4-B_236750 A-I.zip
Langues : FR, EN, DE
eNod4-B EDS file for EtherNet/IP protocol
EDS EtherNetIP_eNod4-B ETH_236761_C-C.zip
Langues : FR, EN, DE
eNod4-B IO+ EDS file for EtherNet/IP protocol
EDS EtherNetIP_eNod4-B_IO_Plus ETH_236760_C-C.zip
Langues : FR, EN, DE
eNod4-B GSDML file for PROFINET protocol
Langues : FR, EN, DE
eNod4-B ESI file for EtherCAT protocol
Langues : FR, EN, DE
Software to download
Windows Driver for eNod4 USB output
eNod4 USB driver Setup.zip
Langues : FR, EN, DE
eNod4 Screens for HMI Pro-Face GP4000/GP4100 - GP-Pro EX
Langues : EN



eNodView, eNodView 2

Windows PC software for eNod, AAD, DVX, DVS


B15, B16, B19

ATEX Zener barriers kit

boite de jonction inox pour capteur de pesage


Stainless steel junction box for load cells



Android application for eNod4 Bluetooth