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TUPUNATRON - Sorting and grading of poultry in abattoirs

The customer

Tupunatron is an integrator partner of SCAIME in Central America, specialising in weighing and automated systems.
It designs and supplies complete solutions including load cells and weighing terminals, PLCs and supervision systems for all types of industrial applications, such as food processing.

Its requirement

Within the framework of automation of chicken packaging after slaughter, the customer’s requirement was to automatically sort the chickens by weight band. To perform this operation, the operator defines the different weight bands and corresponding products. Each chicken is suspended and transferred very rapidly along the rail.
Without interruption, the system must precisely weigh the chicken and place it in the appropriate section.

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SCAIME solution

SCAIME and TUPUNATRON offered a complete solution in which the PLC controls the suspended conveyor, while the dynamic weighing is managed by the eNod3-C controller.


  • One AK single point load cell
  • One eNod3-C on-the-fly weighing controller
  • One Horner XLE-105 PLC with integrated MMI
  • One Indusoft supervision system


The eNod3-C carries out digital filtering to reduce the effect of vibrations and controls the entire dynamic weighing process.Each time a hook passes over the load cell, the eNod3-C calculates the weight of the chicken and sends this value to the PLC, which then ejects the chicken into the appropriate section.


Customer benefit

  • Optimised architecture, with devices in charge of the tasks they perform best.
  • Thanks to the eNod3-C’s digital filtering and dynamic weighing capacities, the system can achieve a sorting rate of 8000 chickens per hour at the required level of precision.

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