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N&N Nadratowski - Weighing of industrial mixer

The customer

Founded in 2001, N&N Nadratowski is a company that for almost two decades has been dedicated to the development and production of high-performance machines and mixers for the food industry.


Customer requirement

SCAIME together with its Polish partner, company ANDY Sp. z.o.o supported N&N Nadratowski in the selection of a weighing system integrated in these mixers.

N&N Nadratowski was looking for a weighing system to accurately control the amount of product in the tank during production. This function offers the possibility of automating the product loading and unloading process. 


Our solution

To meet the customer's needs, SCAIME proposed a weighing system integrated with the industrial mixer. 

  • 4 SK30X load cells with STABIFLEX-SK mounting kits 
  • 1 eNod4-T weighing controller with Ethernet MODBUS TCP connectivity 
  • 1 Mitsubishi FX5 PLC




The weighing system consists of 4 SK30X load cells, constructed in stainless steel and offering IP68 protection. These load cells and their STABIFLEX-SK mounting kits, directly integrated into the mixer structure, allow accurate weighing of the tank.

An eNod4-T controller is responsible for processing the sensor signal and transmitting the measurement to the PLC via the Modbus network. This connectivity provides full integration of the weighing system which can be controlled by the PLC.

schéma montage nadratowski

Customer benefits

  • Weighing system integrated into the mixer automation.
  • Automatic start and stop of the tank filling and emptying processes.
  • Time saving and reliability of the filling process for a constant production quality. 

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N&N Nadratowski – Weighing of industrial mixer
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