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UMICORE - Silo weighing in the chemical industry

The customer

This application was developed for UMICORE, global leader in galvanisation residue recycling. With an annual capacity of 20,000t, Umicore Human FuHong Zinc Chemicals is the largest Chinese production facility for zinc powder.
The engineering work was conducted by Shanghai Sunrise Measurement& Control, an integrator of SCAIME products specialising in weighing systems for the industrial sector.

Its requirement

The customer needed weighing solutions for monitoring the fill level of 10 storage silos with a capacity of 100t. The silos are installed in a potentially explosive area due to the presence of zinc powder.


Our solution

The 10 silos, with a capacity of 100t, are mounted on four load cells connected to an IPE50 indicator for level monitoring.


  • Four CB50X 30t load cells
  • Four STABICAN 30t mounting kits
  • One IPE50 indicator with set of Zener barriers
SCAIME solution for each of the silos


For each weighing silo, we offered CB50X load cells with a capacity of 30t. These load cells are ATEX and IECEx certified and can therefore be installed in a hazardous zone.  The STABICAN mounting kits can be used to transform a silo into a set of scales without using additional safety equipment. The load cells are connected to an IPE50 weight indicator providing precision of up to 3000 divisions.

Customer benefit

  • A weighing solution which is very easy to install and offers a high level of precision
  • High resistance in aggressive chemical environments

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Umicore (China) - Silos monitoring in Zinc powder production plant
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