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TUPUNATRON - Continuous feeding by loss-in-weight

The customer

TUPUNATRON is an engineering company specialized in weighing and automation in Central America.

They design complete automation and SCADA solutions intended mainly for the agri-food and mining industries.

Customer requirement

For a lime production unit of COMACSA Peruvian company, TUPUNATRON was looking for a system to accurately and continuously regulate the material feeding to the process.

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Our solution

SCAIME proposed a continuous loss-in-weight dosing system that takes care of flow control and material totalization. 

  • 4 load cells R10X 1t for weighing the 1.5t hopper
  • 1 Loss-in-weight feeding controller eNod4-F
  • 1 PLC / HMI Unitronics V570


Feeding at constant flow rate by loss-in-weight dosing system, up to 35 kg/min

  • eNod4-F calculates the flow rate (kg/min) by loss-in-weight.
  • eNod4-F manages the lime feeding according to the targeted flow rate.



Customer benefits

  • From a target transmitted by the PLC, eNod4-F controller manages the entire flow rate control.
  • The automatic setting of the PID controller parameters optimizes the flow rate control and makes easier the implementation of eNod4-F.

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Loss-in-weight feeders
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TUPUNATRON - Continuous feeding by loss-in-weight dosing system
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