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Continuous weighing, Loss-in-weight feeders

eNod4-F DIN

±500 000 d, 200 meas/s
  • Presentation on rail DIN housing
  • Up to 8 strain gauge load cells
  • Load cell failure detection device
  • Programmable digital filters
  • Continuous flow rate and weight total calculation
  • Flow control with built-in self-adjustable PID
  • Automatic control of feeder refilling
  • 4 digital inputs and 4 digital outputs for the dosing process control
  • Analog output 0-10V or 4-20mA (IO+ option)
  • 1 USB port for setting by PC
  • Version with RS485/CAN PLC output and MODBUS-RTU, CANOpen or PROFIBUS-DP protocols
  • Version with double-Ethernet output and MODBUS-TCP, EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT or PROFINET protocols
  • Integrated web server for monitoring and remote setting
  • 1 RS485 for eNodTouch touch screen panel
  • Optional Bluetooth communication

  Slide Show eNod4


Continuous dosing

Signal processing

eNod4 Integration & Connectivity

The eNod4 weighing controllers are designed to be integrated into automated systems ensuring connectivity with the main industrial networks on the market: CANOpen, Modbus-RTU, Modbus-TCP, Profibus, Profinet, EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT.

eNod4 weighing transmitter interfaces from SCAIME

eNod4-F Loss-in-weight feeding functions

  • Management of target flow and target total
  • Flow regulation by PID controller
  • Function of automatic adjustement of PID parmeters by self-learning
  • Automatic management of alternating gravimetric dosing phases and refilling phases
  • Management of dosing process with digital Inputs / outputs
SCAIME eNod4-F Loss-in-weight feeder
eNodView PC software for eNod4 SCAIME weighing transmitter

eNodView PC software

  • Save and restore eNod4 configuration files
  • Setting, calibration and eNod4 control
  • Measurements, results and I/O graphical display
  • Digital filters optimization by FFT analysis and eNod4 filter effect simulation
  • Adjustment of PID parameters and setting the Loss-in-weight application

eNodApp Android mobile App

  • App for Android smatphone or tablet
  • Bluetooth connection with eNod4 (optional board)
  • Read / write configuration parameters
  • Measurements, results and I/O display
  • Weighing chain calibration
  • Control of eNod4 weighing application
eNodApp android application for eNod4 SCAIME
Web server SCAIME eNod4 Ethernet

Serveur web eNod4 SCAIME

  • Integrated Web server on all eNod4 Ethernet versions
  • Read / write configuration parameters
  • Measurements, results and I/O display
  • eNod4 remote control
  • Weighing chain calibration

3D visualisation

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Data sheets
eNod4-F DIN - Loss-in-weight feeder
Langues : FR, EN
Android mobile application for eNod4
Langues : FR, EN
Library of eNod4 Screens for HMI Pro-Face GP-Pro EX
FT-PLCLib-ProFace GPProEX-FE-0320P.pdf
Langues : FR, EN
Applications leaflet
Plant engineering, machine control
Langues : EN
Loss-in-weight feeders
Langues : EN
Product range leaflets
Load cells, Mounting kits, Electronics
Langues : EN
Schneider Electric Collaborative Automation Partner Program
Langues : EN
Technical notes
Wiring a RS-485 network
Langues : EN
Integration of eNod controller in CANopen with SoMachine
NT-eNod CanOpen SoMachine_E_0614.pdf
Langues : EN
Integration of eNod controller in CANopen with Unity pro
NT-eNod CANOpen Unity_E_1015.pdf
Langues : EN
Integration of eNod4 Ethernet IP on M340 with a NOC under Unity Pro
NT-eNod4 Ethernet IP Unity_E_0614.pdf
Langues : EN
Communication between eNod4 Modbus TCP and a M340 PLC equipped with a NOE
NT-eNod4 ModbusTCP Unity_E_0614.pdf
Langues : EN
Procedure for eNod4 firmware update
Langues : EN
User Manuals
Characteristics and functioning - eNod4-F
Langues : EN
Programming and communication Manual - eNod4-F
Langues : EN
Characteristics and functioning - eNod4-F ETHERNET
Langues : EN
Programming and communication Manual - eNod4-F ETHERNET
Langues : EN
Start Guide - eNod4 DIN RS485 / CAN
Langues : FR, EN
Start guide - eNod4 DIN ETHERNET
Langues : FR, EN
Products slide shows
eNod4 weighing controllers for automated processes
PP-eNod4 Range-E-0418.pdf
Langues : EN
Configuration files
eNod4-F EDS file for EtherNet/IP protocol
EDS EtherNetIP_eNod4-F ETH_235761_B-C.zip
Langues : FR, EN, DE
eNod4-F IO+ EDS file for EtherNet/IP protocol
EDS EtherNetIP_eNod4-F_IO_Plus ETH_235760_B-C.zip
Langues : FR, EN, DE
eNod4-F GSDML file for PROFINET protocol
Langues : FR, EN
eNod4-F ESI file for EtherCAT protocol
Langues : FR, EN, DE
eNod4-F EDS file for CANOpen protocol
EDS CANopen_eNod4-F_235730 A-H.zip
Langues : FR, EN, DE
GSD file for eNod4-F with PROFIBUS-DP protocol
GSD Profibus_eNod4-F_235750 A-H.zip
Langues : FR, EN, DE
Software to download
Windows Driver for eNod4 USB output
eNod4 USB driver Setup.zip
Langues : FR, EN, DE
eNod4 Screens for HMI Pro-Face GP4000/GP4100 - GP-Pro EX
Langues : EN



eNodView, eNodView 2

Windows PC software for eNod, AAD, DVX, DVS

ecran tactile multi-voies pour controleurs


Multi-Channel TouchScreen for eNod4

ecran tactile multi-voies pour enod4


Multi-Channel TouchScreen for eNod4



Android application for eNod4 Bluetooth