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PLC weighing modules

The weighing function integrated with a Schneider Electric M580 PLC

Weighing modules for M580 PLC

SCAIME offers weighing modules for Schneider Electric PLCs which can be used to condition strain gauge sensors.

Our weighing modules employ technology approved by Schneider Electric. They directly communicate data to the backplane rack of the PLC and their configuration can be managed by the UNITY PRO software suite.

SCAIME Schneider Electric Technology Partner

Partnership with Schneider Electric

Since 2008, Scaime has been a technology partner of Schneider Electric.
Within the framework of this partnership, SCAIME was selected to provide its range of products and its experience in weighing, filling and dosing applications.
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module de pesage pour automate schneider electric


Weighing module for PLC Schneider Electric M580

ecran tactile multi-voies pour enod4


Human Machine Interface for PMESWT


Applications leaflet
Vessel Weighing, Level Control
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Filling, Batching control
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Plant engineering, machine control
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Loss-in-weight feeders
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Load cells, Mounting kits, Electronics
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Schneider Electric Collaborative Automation Partner Program
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Application cases
Ghcorp - Process weighing in a poultry feed plant
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