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capteur de pesage en inox

High accuracy stainless steel load cell, 7.5 kg ... 125 kg


7.5 kg ... 125 kg
  • Load cell made of stainless steel, hermetically welded IP68/IP69K
  • Suitable for use in humid environments or where frequent washing is required
  • Very high accuracy
  • Approval up to 6 000 d OIML R60 for use in legal for trade weighing applications
  • Maximum platform size 500x400 mm (<75kg) or 600x400 mm (75kg, 125kg)
  • Output with cable or M12 connector
  • Idealy suited in weighing scales, checweighers and dosing or filling machines construction
  • Capacities: 7.5, 15, 30, 75, 125 kg

C3, C5 or C6 versions

AVX and AVS: Choice of connection, enhanced maintainability

To improve maintainability and reduce machinery stoppage times, AVX and AVS sensors offer a choice of connection:

  • A standard, economical output via 3m cable, maintained by a stainless-steel cable gland ensuring perfect sensor watertightness.
  • An output via stainless-steel M12 connector
SCAIME AVX load cell checkweigher

AVX: very high weighing precision

The AVX sensor is certified for use in regulatory weighing, and holds an OIML R60 compliance certificate in accuracy class C6.

The AVX sensor is one of the few stainless-steel sensors for weighing platforms offering the C6 certification level.

This level of performance, related to potential use in harsh environments, makes it ideal for equipping packaging machinery or scales demanding a high level of accuracy


AVX: reliability and sturdiness in harsh environments

To increase productivity by improving its reliability, the AVX sensor has been approved for continuous use in particularly moist environments.

The AVX sensor therefore meets IP68/IP69K protection standards, and has undergone approval tests conducted by an independent laboratory.

Furthermore, the AVX sensor, in comprising a particularly sturdy parallelepiped, offers excellent protection against lateral stress or torsion.

DVX-IP69K tested

3D visualisation

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Data sheets
Load cell - Single point - AVX
Langues : FR, EN
AVX/DVX/AAD/R10X load cell connection
FT-CABLE M12-FE-0622.pdf
Langues : FR, EN
Applications leaflet
Grading, Check-weighing
Langues : EN
Filling, Batching control
Langues : EN
Plant engineering, machine control
Langues : EN
Loss-in-weight feeders
Langues : EN
Belt scales, Weigh belt feeders
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Product range leaflets
Load cells, Mounting kits, Electronics
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Technical notes
Using load cells - Technology, Operating principle, Implementation
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connecteur pour capteur protege ip67

Cable M12

load cells connection


M12 connector

Load cells connection

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