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eNod4-B: Continuous weighing controller for belt scales

Sunday 2 April 2017
Totalisation and flow control for belt scales and belt doser, continuous weighing and dosing for your automated systems

SCAIME presents the eNod4-B weighing controller, designed for continuous weighing and dosing applications. This controller offers complete application functions and connectivity with the main PLCs on the market. Based on a modular and scalable concept, it is equally suitable for use as an autonomous weighing system or for integration with the most complex automated systems. 

eNod4-B controls a belt scale or a conveyor belt doser. It has an input for load cells and an encoder input for calculating belt speed. Based on this data, the eNod4-B calculates the flow, totalises the quantity of product being conveyed on the belt, and manages a loading cycle. It also has an integrated and auto-adjustable PID function providing precise flow regulation. 

eNod4 offers complete connectivity to Modbus-RTU, Modbus-TCP, CANopen, PROFIBUS-DP, PROFINET, EtherNet/IP or EtherCAT networks. It can be combined, as an optional extra, with the touchscreens of the eNodTouch range. Available in several sizes, these MMIs can be used to configure and control 1 to 6 eNod4s and enable the use of eNod4 without a PLC.

For its implementation and configuration, eNod4 is supplied with eNodView software. This tool also provides advanced signal acquisition and simulation functions for analysis of mechanical disturbances, filter optimisation and adjustment of PID parameters.