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Engine torque control

Customer requirement

The customer needed to control the torque of engines of various power ratings on the sametest rig.

capteur de couple rotatif digital

SCAIME solution

To meet this customer’s need, SCAIME proposed the DR2208 rotating torquemeter, which has two electrical outputs for each measurement range.

Over a widetorque range it is therefore possible, using the same torquemeter, to measure torques with a very high level of precision (0.1%). This is very useful when the rig is used to control engines of different power ratings. The customer saves time and does not have to dismantle the torquemeter.


  • The DR2208 comprises two separate measurement ranges
SCAIME product


The torquemeter delivers ± 10V signals which can be directly connected to a PLC

Customer benefits

  • Precise measurements for engines of various power ratings
  • Reliable measurements: No dismantling/remounting of the torquemeter on the rig

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