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QUICKFIT, a versatile mounting kit for load cells up to 5t

QUICKFIT mounting kit for SCAIME load cells
Monday 17 February 2020
A simple and sustainable solution to transform your industrial equipment into a weighing scale

With QUICKFIT, SCAIME completes its range of mounting kits for SK30A or SK30X load cells in capacities from 300kg to 5t.

The QUICKFIT mounting kit has been designed to provide a cost-effective and sustainable solution for quickly transform an industrial equipment into a scale.

QUICKFIT is made of stainless steel to withstand harsh industrial environments. It consists of a damper and height-adjustable ball joint attachment providing perfect decoupling between the load cell and the structure to be weighed.  This mounting kit ensures optimal weighing performance in the presence of vibrations while allowing thermal expansion of the structure.

Ideal for applications requiring height adjustment, QUICKFIT allows slight misalignment or inclination of the structure. It is therefore particularly suitable for weighing tanks, conveyors or machines.

For easy installation, the damper assembly can be completed by a base plate for fixing to the ground and by a plate, to be welded directly to the structure to be weighed. On the other hand, the safety devices that may be required are not provided and must be implemented by the user. 

QUIKFIT completes the range of mounting accessories LFA, ISOFLEX and STABIFLEX to ensure, in all circumstances, efficient implementation of the SK30A or SK30X load cells.