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Optical acquisition unit for harsh environments

Friday 1 January 2016
MDX400T, a fibre-optic measurement system for structural monitoring.

Previously reserved for laboratory measurements, the MDX400T brings fibre-optic measurement technology to the industrial sector for the first time. 

Noting the growing interest among industrial manufacturers in the benefits of fibre optics, SCAIME has developed a new Bragg grating sensor conditioner specially designed for facilities in difficult environments.

In its toughened version, the MDX400T comes in an IP66 watertight stainless steel case particularly suitable for withstanding aggressive atmospheres such as salt air or moist heat. Its resistance to high levels of shock and vibration enables its use onboard in mobile environments (wind-turbine hubs; land, sea or rail transportation, etc.). Finally, connectivity has been particularly well provided for, with the use of M12 connectors for electrical signals and ODC connectors for optical channels.

SCAIME has combined its expertise in fibre-optic measurement technology and the constraints of use in an industrial environment to offer the MDX400T. Robust and reliable, the MDX400T offers high performance levels, conditioning up to 64 sensors on four optical lines, at a frequency of 100Hz.

The MDX400T can operate independently and includes an onboard web server for remote configuration, and an internal memory for datalogging. A CANopen fieldbus communication interface also enables connection to an industrial PLC.

This connectivity enables it to meet the needs of measurement logging on an isolated site, or integration with automated systems for real-time process control.