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MDX-8000: Dynamic measurement with Bragg grating sensors

Tuesday 2 September 2014
A high frequency acquisition unit for Bragg grating sensors able to sample up to 128 sensors at 2 kHz

The MDX-8000 is a high frequency acquisition unit for Bragg grating sensors able to simultaneously sample, at 2 kHz, up to 128 sensors spread across 8 optical lines.

This module supports many types of sensor and can therefore measure strain, temperature, pressure, acceleration, force, displacement, etc. without the need to purchase expensive conditioning modules.

Available in 1 kHz or 2 kHz versions and equipped with 4 or 8 optical channels, this module includes a number of advanced features:

  • Auto-detection of faulty sensors.
  • Digital input for synchronisation of acquisitions
  • Four configurable digital outputs for thresholds and sensor or system faults
  • Light propagation speed compensation
  • Ability to connect a GPS antenna for ultra-precise data dating.
  • Datalogging to internal memory (up to 32 GB) or data transfer over an Ethernet network (by TCP-IP protocol).

The MDX-8000 onboard software includes an extremely user-friendly and intuitive web interface which can be used to configure the entire system and sensors without having to install specific software on a PC. The MDX-8000 can therefore be used in a fully autonomous manner: once switched on, it automatically begins to take measurements and can save them to its internal memory or transmit them on the network.