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eNod4 Bluetooth: Control your weighing system remotely

eNodApp android application from SCAIME for eNod4 weighing transmitters
Friday 5 April 2019
With eNodApp Android application, wirelessly communicate and control the eNod4 weighing transmitters

SCAIME is announcing the evolution of its range of eNod4 weighing controllers with the possibility of communication via Bluetooth® technology. This new wireless connection expands the field of application of the eNod4 by allowing for remote control of weighing systems installed in environments which are not easily accessible. 

Designed for automatic weighing processes, the eNod4 controllers propose Modbus-RTU, Modbus RCP, CANopen, PROFIBUS-DP, PROFINET, EtherNet/IP or EtherCAT connection for communicating with the leading control systems on the market. They also have software capable of managing the applications for level monitoring, checkweighing, filling, belt weighing, or continuous loss-in-weight dosing, which therefore covers all the weighing needs in the supply chain. 

All the controllers from the eNod4 range can now be equipped with the Bluetooth communication option which includes an electronic card that is integrated into eNod4 and an Android application which is available free of cost from the Google Play store.

The application eNodApp, accessible from any Android smartphone or tablet, allows you to control the weighing system, without physically accessing eNod4 or interrupting communication with the control system. The application offers a secure interface for configuring the system, carrying out weighing processes, or conducting maintenance operations such as calibration.

This diagnostic and configuration tool offers the possibility to remotely monitor the proper functioning of the weighing system and to minimise downtime by facilitating its operation and maintenance. By making it possible to control eNod4 without the need for additional items to be connected, eNodApp reduces the risks related to maintenance interventions, in particular those carried out by third parties.

The application eNodApp meets the needs of integrators, maintenance operators, or users of the eNod4 weighing system. It complements the tools already available for the implementation and operation of eNod4: eNodView Windows PC software, eNodTouch HCI with touch screen technology, or integrated Web server on the Ethernet versions.

With this new wireless connection, eNod4 constitutes a comprehensive offer of weighing technology designed for manufacturers of packaging machines and for engineers for the control of their automated manufacturing processes.