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DVS, a digital and hygienic load cell

Wednesday 2 March 2016
An EHEDG-certified design with a dosing controller optimised for rotational filling machines

To meet the changing needs of manufacturers of packaging machines for agri-food products, SCAIME offers the first load cell combining a hygienic design with entirely digital functionality.

It responds to a context of increasingly high food safety standards, and enables greater machinery productivity thanks to faster and more precise filling procedures and shorter machinery stoppage times.

With this device, SCAIME has designed a digital load cell which is very easy to clean thanks to its construction without any flat horizontal surface or sharp edge. This design complies with the regulations of the EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group), an association devoted to the advancement of hygienic design in food industry equipment.

Developed in collaboration with an international leader in filling machines, SCAIME has validated this new design on a multi-head rotational filling machine. The DVS therefore ensures that the cleaning and sterilisation process will eliminate all contamination by microorganisms. 

In addition to its hygienic characteristics and in response to the need for filling machines with increasingly high output rates, the DVS has an onboard controller which processes the signal and manages the filling procedure. 

In this way, it offers a very high measuring speed, several digital filters for the elimination of vibrations, and a dosing algorithm specially optimised for filling machines with a very high output rate.

The DVS is supplied with PC software (eNodView) which can be used to configure the sensor’s parameters and to perform a vibratory analysis of the machine to optimise filter settings.

Each sensor is equipped with two logical inputs and four logical outputs for direct process control, and can be easily connected to any automated system by means of a MODBUS-RTU or CANopen network.