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Road-surface monitoring

Customer requirement

The customer needed to monitor "fragile" stretches of road and "standard" sections in order to develop predictive maintenance and to detect HGV overloads or count axles.

Furthermore, the customer needed to assess new road surfaces under real conditions, on roads or motorways.


SCAIME solution

The fibre Bragg grating optical technology developed by SCAIME provides a competitive advantage compared to traditional technologies. It is highly resistant and provides reliable structure measurements.

Since it is immune to electromagnetic interference, measurements remain perfectly stable even when high-voltage cables are located nearby.

The very low attenuation of optical fibres makes it possible to locate the acquisition unit remotely several kilometres away and therefore to take measurements along large sections of roadway.


  • OBEG-120-HT optical strain gauge for road surfaces
  • OBTS-180 optical temperature sensor
  • MDX100, MDX400T or MDX8000 optical measurement units
SCAIME products


The optical lines are mounted in our workshops for easy installation. Assistance with sensor set-up can be provided on site.

Customer benefits

  • No sensor drift
  • Multiplexing of sensors on the same optical fibre
  • Great reliability
  • Signal integrity (EMI, corrosion)

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