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Measuring the torque transmitted by a pulley / belt

Customer requirement

For the development of an existing machine, SCAIME helped the customer choose a torquemeter to measure the torque transmitted by a motor to a pulley. The pulley drives a load via a belt. 

The particularity of this project was the limited possibility of modifying the customer's mechanics. We therefore opted for easy integration of our sensor. 

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SCAIME Solution

In a conventional installation, belt drive results in a high radial load on the torquemeter, which is not designed to accept such a load from the outset. 

In general, to prevent this radial force being transmitted to the sensor, a bearing is recommended to absorb it (motor, coupling, torquemeter, coupling, bearing and pulley).


  • MR12 rotary torquemeter for pulleys


A special MR12 torquemeter for pulleys has been proposed. 

The pulley is attached to the outer diameter of the torquemeter, and the motor shaft is inserted into the inner diameter of the torquemeter.

This torquemeter integrates ideally with the customer's machine, while saving space and optimizing the solution compared with a standard torquemeter.

MR12 appli
Appli MR12

Customer benefits

  • Easy, space-saving integration with very few modifications to the existing machine.
  • Only the internal diameter of the pulley needs to be adapted to the diameter of the torquemeter.

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Application cases
Measuring the torque transmitted by a pulley/belt
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